Over 25 years of experience in Spring Coilers, Motion Control, Industrial Automation, Custom Integrations and Retrofits


We speak Delta Tau.  Our first choice for any project is a Delta Tau PMAC motion controller.  We have been designing equipment with Delta Tau since 1989.  Their innovations have helped us keep our equipment ahead of our competition's.  We are very excited about their latest Power PMAC platform and we have been porting our current designs over to utilize its new features.  In fact, rumor has it that we purchased the first Power Clipper sold almost two years ago!

We also have solid design experience with hardware platforms from Allen-Bradley (aka Rockwell), Omron, Mitsubishi, Siemens,... Read More >

We possess strong skills in software and electrical control system design and provide expert technical support for all types of equipment.

We prefer to develop our software in Microsoft .NET because of global acceptance and wide array of support.  We also program in various HMI softwares and PLC platforms.  When programming PLCs we tend to develop code in Script languages due to its performance benefits and reduced coding time.  It's also easier to understand in complex algorithms.  
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Printed Circuit Board Designs

We started designing and building printed circuit boards (PCBs) back in the 1990s to streamline the commonality of our designs for production manufacturing.  Over the years the cost of the design tools and short board runs have reduced significantly... enough to consider more PCB designs within our control systems.  
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