We pledge to deliver innovative, high-quality solutions at a competitive cost, along with superior technical support. This is our commitment to support our customers’ successes.


Our history spans over 25 years of experience designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning industrial equipment for aerospace, automotive, farming, food and beverage, framing, garment, metal-forming, nuclear and solar industries.

We possess strong skills in software and electrical control system design and provide expert technical support for all types of industrial equipment. We also develop printed circuit board as a successful means of cost-reductions for production systems.

We also build custom systems for OEMs that are looking to branch out into machinery sales, or closely control the manufacturing of components in their assembly processes.

As you get to know us, you will learn that we offer a wide array of industrial control, software and automation solutions. While we have proudly delivered complex, high cost integrated solutions, we also welcome and fully support small scale, low-cost, proof-of-concept or testing projects, and everything in between.

Gary J. Daniewicz President GJD Associates LLC

Gary J. Daniewicz
GJD Associates LLC