Custom PCB Design Engineering, Implementation and Testing Overview


We offer circuit design, board layout and procurement services.  If you have a requirement for small quantities or simply want to build some prototypes we may be the perfect solution to meet your cost goals.  We also build test fixtures to your standards for your production and service support.


Turn-key OEM Services

We like taking projects from initial planning through to closure, maintaining the quality assurance, risk mitigation and efficiency inherent in effective vendor, stakeholder and specifications management that is the result of years of expertise in the project management body of knowledge. We leave the actual PCB manufacturing process to the experts that mastered cost-effective high-quality production, meanwhile we provide all other services required and fully manage the entire design process, through to validation testing, implementation and production support in the field.

Small Quantities and Prototypes

The cost of design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards has become quite competitive so prices have dropped considerably.  This has enabled small companies with limited resources to utilize printed circuit board designs in their control systems to reduce wiring labor and improve overall reliability. Call us to discuss ideas on how your company may benefit from a custom design, and discover the unparalleled benefits we deliver in projects otherwise thought too small for a custom design run.