Manufacturing Services Overview

We provide various types of engineering services.  Essentially, we are very strong in electronic system designs, software development and manufacturing.  We have a great understanding of mechanisms and we lean toward providing simplistic mechanical designs whenever possible.  We feel that this is a major contributing factor to the success of a reliable machine.  We are also strong in industrial database designs typically utilized to integrate factory systems for cell manufacturing or real-time data integration with plant floor systems.

We can provide design and documentation for your electrical control systems.  We have the experience to manufacture those control systems to your specifications as well as meet globally recognized agency standards.  We will also manufacture your electrical designs.  We development software solutions for embedded applications as well as those that operate in the DOS and Windows environments.  We work with many of the popular HMI SDKs and have successfully interfaced these programs to various unsupported hardwares such as Delta Tau's family of PMACs.

Our extensive abilities to provide field retrofit solutions are demonstrated in our project gallery. The demand for such designs results from the need for increased production, a lower-cost repair solution or simply the fact that the original components are now obsolete.  No matter what drives your needs we are ready to provide a solution that we will be proud of offering and that will meet all of your expectations.  And on time!


Control System Retrofits

One of the more interesting system retrofits that we provided was for Westinghouse Electric in 2004 and 2008.  The machine is a five-chamber, environmentally-controlled system that welded grids for the nuclear power industry.  A six-axis servo system moved the grid into various positions while a single-axis tilt mechanism controlled the angular position of a 1000 watt Yag laser.  The key was to position the 7 inch focal point of the laser beam precisely at each of the weld points to achieve a certified weld.  The process control section was equally as challenging as the motion tasks.

OSHA Safety Upgrades

We include safety circuits in all of our designs and we utilize only components approved for Categories 3 and 4 levels of safety.  We have become quite proficient in this area and we have been contracted to perform several OSHA safety upgrades in the field on our own older equipment and on some of our overseas competitor's machines that were sold in the U.S.  Officially our designs have been approved by OSHA for Torin and Herdon spring coilers.  These systems were manufactured between 1990 and 2009 so their designs varied considerably.

Project Management

An example where we managed an installation project for one of our customers upon legacy integrator ceasing business operations, was a large control system for a $2.75M rolling mill in Arizona. The system had shipped with very little to no documentation, a team of local electricians were waiting to be instructed on the installation details. The 6-week project was delivered ahead of schedule within weeks, under the most adverse circumstances where no documentation existed and no control software had been developed for the equipment. Let us deliver your challenging industrial control projects and experience the difference that our industry expertise can bring to ensure on-time, on-budget and on-spec project delivery.

Enhancing the Functionality of Existing Equipment

  • We enjoy the challenge of adding new features to existing equipment in the field.  There's a sense of accomplishment when you can integrate new functionalities to them.  Often customers possess these older machines that are quite functional, but too expensive to replace. 
  • These features often include adding secondary devices or providing a more precise payoff or take-up system.  We have even added handheld pendants to improve the operators ability to setup the equipment.