Field Service and Repairs Overview

We do carry some level of obsolete components to keep our customers going when these old machines fail, but we'd rather stay ahead of the curve to guarantee our customers' stability throughout the life of their equipment.  As a result, we offer very responsive service and unmatched support through numerous options such as remote support and service contracts.

On-Site Repairs

We specialize in repairing older equipment with "hard-to-find" components. Our trained staff has a wealth of experience in the industrial field and has worked on many types of machinery.  Our vast experience helps us bridge the gap between the main equipment and its support systems such as payoffs, take-ups, and other modifications since original equipment went into production. This expertise also enables us to discover problematic conditions addressable on a preventative basis.

Service Contracts

safety upgrade Torin coiler equipment.jpg

We offer service contracts at various levels to keep your equipment running strong for many years.  

Relationships that we have established through our service contracts allow us the ability to stay ahead of these failures by sourcing replacements and providing new solutions before they become extinct.