Industrial Automation Overview


High Speed Motion Control, Servo Motor Sizing, Drive | Amplifier | Controller Retrofits, On-The-Fly Cutting, PLC Services, SCADA Systems, Industrial IoT and Custom Industrial Control Integrations.

High-Speed Motion Control Design

Many of our closed-loop control designs rely on Delta Tau's PMAC motion controllers, a mature platform that we have implemented with excellence since 1992. This top advanced controller line is further enhanced by our versatile I/O boards that extend compatibility to a wide range of PMAC platforms. 25+ years of complex motion control systems design is our most valuable asset when meeting high-speed control requirements.

Metal Forming Systems

We have developed control systems for many large machines, including a 300 foot long draw bench used to process superconductor material used in MRI equipment.

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Large Industrial Machinery Automation

We have a wealth of experience in the metal forming industry controlling small and large rolling mills, Turks Heads. Our high-speed Take-up systems are capable of winding 2000 lb loads at over 2500 ft/min.

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Servo Motor Sizing

We pride ourselves with a very successful track record of sizing servo equipment for many different types of equipment.  This facet of design is often overlooked when developing new equipment.

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On-The-Fly Cutting Applications

We have developed a very precise, high-speed "On-the-Fly" cutting algorithm for a rotary cutting wheel configured for a variety of a number of blades.  It's triggered by a registration mark though a high-speed input.

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PLC Services

We have designed and built equipment with PLCs manufactured by Allen-Bradley (Rockwell), Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi, Direct Logic and CLICK.  These solutions ranged from relatively simple processes to very advanced technology controlling over two dozen closed-loop hydraulic actuators synchronized with almost a dozen servo motor-driven axes. We code in both ladder and script, but we prefer script language due to our extensive software design experiences and its improved readability.

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SCADA Systems and Industrial Databases

We have implement off-the-shelf SCADA components in our designs interfaced with LabVIEW for test equipment and production systems.  We have also designed custom sensor solutions for very large manufacturers of machine tool equipment.

One of our strengths is developing custom databases for industrial applications to be used with plant floor integration software such as InduSoft.

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