Servos, Drives and Motion Control Systems Overview


We possess solid design experience with many of the major brands of motion control hardware; including servo, stepper, linear and vector motors, and pneumatic and hydraulic servo valves. This is where our passion for automation began.  Our long list of projects include hardware from Delta Tau, Siemens, Rockwell, Omron, Parker, Vickers, Moog, MEI, and others.  We take complete responsibility for the capabilities of our hardware selections and offer proven expertise in sizing motors and mechanisms for all applications.  Our in-depth experiences in this niche enables us to offer printed circuit board solutions to seamlessly integrate our designs with these hardware selections to reduce component and labor costs for production, but only when needed or requested.

Design and Specifications Engineering (Sizing)

We offer basic motion control solutions to those that simply require only reliable, repeatable motion.  These motions may include linear, circular or cubic spline trajectories; depending upon the nature of the equipment.  Cubic spline trajectories provide certain benefits that generate smooth profiles between points and put much less stress on the mechanical system.  Think of these trajectories as a "french-curve" fit through a series of points.

Control System Retrofits

More complex motions may include the synchronization of multiple axes to guarantee proper positioning of mechanisms or tooling during the operation of equipment.  The synchronization process may be critical to avoid collisions between several axes of motion or to replace linkages between multiple mechanisms that were traditionally coupled to achieve its purpose.  In any event, we offer very precise multi-axis synchronization at low or very high speeds to meet nearly all your demanding needs.


Delta Tau Motion Controllers

Dual X-axis servos at Fives.jpg
  • 25 years of experience that we possess with the Delta Tau motion controllers.
  • Over 1000 of field-proven integrations have been installed in over 750 machines since 1997.
  • I/O Integrations where system control is delivered in modular packaging vs. discrete components.
  • On-board I/O integration LEDs assist with live diagnostics.
  • Reduced manufacturing cycle times, startup costs and field service issues.

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High Speed, Precision and Torque Servo Control Solutions

  • High-speed, multi-axis synchronized motion.
  • Dual-motor, high-speed gantry applications.
  • High-speed traversing take-up systems.
  • High-speed CNC machining centers.
  • High-speed laser welding systems.

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