Spring Coiler and Industrial Control
Replacement Parts

Since we utilize much of these major components in our own designs we have establish long term relationships with these vendors and continuously challenge them to offer us their best pricing so that we can pass that savings back to our customers.


Spring Coiler Replacement Parts

We offer the lowest pricing on all of the electronics found on the Torin CNC and Z Series spring coilers.  If the original component no longer exists we will find a suitable replacement.  We also offer spares for many of the mechanical components too!


Fletcher-Terry's Alta 99 Pendant

We designed and built the electrical control system for Fletcher-Terry's famous Alta 99 Automated Substrate Cutter.  Although they have chosen to no longer provide spare electronic parts we will continue to support these customers.

Alta 99 controller for website.jpg

Fletcher-Terry's Alta 99 Controller

We can repair or replace the Alta 99 controller if it fails.  We stock the internal circuit boards and have staff that can build these units in a two-day turnaround if necessary.


Fletcher-Terry's F6100 Computers and Various Components

It becoming more difficult to support the existing computers for these 500+ systems in the field, but we do offer a solution.  Lead times for repairs is approximately two weeks.  We can also offer entire "black boxes" and power supply assemblies if necessary!


Most Major Automation Hardware and Components

We offer very competitive pricing on automation hardware from Phoenix, Siemens, Rockwell, Delta Tau and Omron including some long lead cables for motors and accessories. 

If we don't have it in stock we can usually source it from our network of vendors.