We offer an array of services to keep your equipment operational for many years into the future.


Custom PCB Engineering, Electronics Circuitry Design, Implementation and Testing

  • Short lead times for delivery
  • Efficient, flexible and resourceful requirements analysis expertise where we can successfully meet your needs even when requirements specifications and supporting documentation unavailable
  • Low volume flexibility
  • Optimal value even at low volumes due to resourceful and efficient design and validation life-cycle, proven testing methodology and excellent component distributor relationships that enable sourcing of otherwise insufficient quantities
  • Local, US-based stringent quality-controlled assembly services available
  • Call us today to find out how we can help youachieve unparalleled efficiency gains by abandoning chassis wiring in lieu of custom designed PCBs that consistently deliver the same reliable results. Click here to contact us >

We Are Your Ideal Solution Design Pattern: 6 Reasons Why

  1. We posses the expertise, resourcefulness and developmental maturity to develop industrial automation, spring coiling, metal forming and control software.
  2. Our extensive record of delivering successful solutions across many challenging requirements over the years, has armed us with the familiarity required to master the fine design elements that are often nuanced yet responsible for delivery of significant requirements in order to achieve desired goals.
  3. The industrial control domain expertise offered by us is largely sourced in-house. 3rd party risk of non-performance is most often not present in our projects, vendor promises are internally validated, timelines appropriately managed and your only worry is to enjoy the satisfaction of on-time, on-budget and hassle free project delivery excellence.
  4. Custom, unsupported, unusual or non-operational elements are the nature of our industry. Rest assure our ability to integrate, adapt, mitigate, retrofit and re-conciliate signals, protocols, standards, disparate brands and disparate generations of controls, software and hardware is unparalleled.  If there is a way to extend the life-cycle of your equipment in a manner that meets your performance, quality and reliability needs, we will deliver it.
  5. We stay current while supporting past solutions. Rest assured our inclination to update is well balanced against adequate risk mitigation strategies, leaving us in an optimal position where we deliver up-to-date solutions that maximize your product's obsolesce time-frame, yet it is sufficiently mature where no risk of bleeding-edge initial issue experience exists.
  6. Integrity, honesty and respect for your organization's needs. Our security consciousness, close attention to data retention, ownership and continuity needs where, convenience is never an acceptable reason to incur risk of unauthorized access, makes us ideal partners for organizations where intellectual property, operational specifications other information must remain unknown to adversaries.

Our Guarantee:

  • We will be happy to evaluate any of your machinery and give you our honest, professional evaluation of what services you may need to keep it running.  
  • We are engineers by education and trade so we can offer many solutions to update most equipment in a reasonable time frame and at a fair price!  We are very confident in our abilities and we don't believe that any level of services is too overwhelming.  The key is to be upfront with the customer and let them know their options and the time frames for each to be initiated.
  • We are also experienced in the installation of safety systems onto older and new equipment.  We have worked with OSHA and other safety agencies such as TUV, Ontario Hydro and others to both respond to OSHA infractions in the field and meet agency standards prior to equipment installations.
  • We know the ropes and we will work to reduce your risks, cost of implementations and the level of penalties associated with these infractions.

  • We are highly capable of field service repairs for many different types of equipment.  We recently repaired an industrial sewing line for a local company that had difficulty finding anyone willing to work on this equipment.
  • We were happy to help keep their production flowing and their employees working.

Maintenance & Monitoring Services

  • We have been servicing equipment since 1989 so we like to think that we have a lot of input and ideas to better manage the upkeep of virtually any type of automated equipment. 
  • We have taken our long history of repairs and combined them with a desire to best serve our customers to develop this system.

Engineering Services and Upgrades

  • We have upgraded our own equipment to meet new safety standards enforced by OSHA and other agencies.
  • We have also upgraded some overseas manufacturers' equipment since they were not capable of supporting specific OSHA requirements for their own designs.