Spring Coilers, Industrial Automation, Software Development and Custom PCBs Design, Implementation, Retrofitting, Service and Monitoring


We possess strong skills in software and electrical control system design and provide expert technical support for all types of industrial equipment. We also develop printed circuit board as a successful means of cost-reductions for production systems.


The design principles we adopted at BHS-Torin, driven by the pioneering vision that lead the Z-Series design team to deliver the most versatile spring coiler available to date, are the same key principles driving us today. Find out how our current vision enables us to deliver unparalleled spring coiler design, retrofits and support services.


We have built upon the key design principles that are responsible for consistent delivery of industrial control excellence, and continue to grow as we design systems that deliver superior reliability, field-service maintainability and unparalleled backwards and forwards compatibility where component availability changes over time, no longer pose a risk of instant loss of value on your investment.

  • Automatic Program Smoothing and Independent Axis Control
  • No Learning Curve for Existing Spring Coiler Operators
  • Visually Intuitive Change Control and Unique Setup Feature
  • Camera for Multimedia Annotations

We have learned through experience that if we plan ahead we can create systems that employ printed circuit boards to replace much of the standard control circuitry. 

This design principle is quite obvious in the Z Series spring coilers. It allowed us to build a reliable base system and cost-effectively add new features over the years.