Spring Coiler Control Software

Our sping coiler control software is the culmination of extensive insight into industry needs with well over twenty fives years of experience with Torin CNC spring coiler software development and support.


Why Windows vs HMI platforms:

We adopted Microsoft Windows as our platform’s operating system in order to deliver various unique features not currently available in any of the industrial control industries we service, including spring coiling. The flexibility, maturity and widespread support of Microsoft Windows, is in precise alignment with our ongoing pursuit of better meeting our clients’ needs. Microsoft Windows enables us to offer world-class products across the various industries we serve with negligible additional overhead.

No Learning Curve for Existing Spring Coiler Operators

Our software if fully compatible with existing Torin spring coiler programs and accepts opening them seamlessly. Anyone familiar with programming existing Torin DOS-based CNCs and ZCNCs will quickly recognize the similarities between former and current usage patterns. The intuitive workflows are the result of our extensive effort and focus on ensuring that existing operators are comfortably eased into our graphical user interface (GUI).

Although we offer an extensive quantity of additional configurable features, operators retain control of when such features should be activated. Operator preference profiles are unique to each operator’s login credentials, saved and retrieved automatically on login/logout.

“Generic” preference profiles that reset all preference changes to defaults upon user logout, not only deliver consistent experience to testers, troubleshooters and administrative staff, but also ensure that students and trainees are not overwhelmed by the extensive array of customizable options, prior to mastering the operation in a consistently repeatable manner.

We interviewed countless operators during impact and requirements analysis phase of our development lifecycle, and overwhelmingly concluded that physical controls are preferred over touchscreens. We are committed to continue to deliver the functionality that physical joysticks, run & jog controls provide, in the manner of use preferred by our clients.

Given the importance of operator efficiency during setup, we understand that touchscreen controls often result in excessive effort required to change speeds or jog an axis toward the tooling. We ensure our software is provided with accompanying physical controls that allow the operator to focus on the setup of the part, rather than the position of the screen controls.

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Visually Intuitive Change Control and Unique Setup Features

Once an operator opens a program and makes a change to any field on the CAMS screen, that field background is highlighted. The color of the highlight is configurable to adapt to various ambient lighting in the factory. Change highlighting facilitates operator determination on whether to save the modifications overwriting existing file, save to a new program or discard the changes in question.
Visual tools that aid in Torsion Probe and Length Gauge setup are observable during machine operation, thus facilitating program setup and system troubleshooting.

Industry-specific features that meet specific organizational, safety and regulatory requirements are available, including user-level change control. Driven by nuclear sector requirements, where operators are not granted permission to modify "approved" parts programs written by engineers. Strict marking of a parts program as modifiable or not, posed additional challenges to operators during setup. We met those challenges by offering an "overlays" feature as early as 2001. Overlays allow an operator to granularly grant or deny access to various program options at different points in order to enable greater setup efficiency. Enabling operators to conduct machine setup without altering the existing change-controlled parts program was the ideal answer to meet the competing needs of operational and engineering business units. The operator can simply check a box on any step and the options column is no longer recognized.

Automatic Program Smoothing and Independent Axis Control

Automatic Program Smoothing: This exclusive feature scans the entire spring program within the motion controller buffer, and applies a series of internal controls to soften the impact on the machine mechanisms. This feature typically improves the overall production rate and prolongs the life of your spring coiler. It does not alter the spring program itself nor does it impact the normal functionality of the “Run Speed” control, which can be dialed up or down to adjust the speed of the coiler as usual when this feature is enabled.

Independent Axis Control: Operators find this feature very useful when debugging complex programs or making changes to increase production speeds. Based on "overlays", this unique feature enables the selective operation of specific axes of a spring program.

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Camera Option / Pic & Video Job Annotations Capability

  • We offer the only integrated camera application in the industry.
  • Originally introduced in early 2014 to meet specific customer requirements, this integration enables unsupervised "Lights-Out" equipment running mode.
  • Our camera app possesses many features including the ability to transmit text and email messages to anyone.

Let our expertise and clear focus on our clients' needs, free of vendor-specific sales goals or other agenda, deliver the independent analysis required to inform executive decisions. Delivering success paths that lead to solutions that precisely meet your cost, risk, quality and production output requirements is our goal.

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