Our extensive design experience with the widely used Torin CNC spring coilers began with our president during his tenure as Chief Electrical Engineer and Vice President of Engineering at BHS-Torin between 1989 and 2003. As an external resource, acting as the lead electrical engineer and sole software support provider for the Fenn coiler product line until 2013, you can rest assured that you are in excellent hands.


The excellence and ingenuity that successfully lead the development team who envisioned, designed and deployed the software and electronic controls responsibly for propelling the Z Series spring coilers, leaps ahead of the competition, is now the leading contributor in our organization.

The inspiration that drives our culture is simple: your needs are our goals. We are vendor agnostic, possess a broad set of expertise across various major component platforms and custom software solutions and completely understand the mechanical aspects of the equipment. We believe in providing thorough support documentation for service and maintenance. We will prioritize your requirements to ensure that you meet your goals and we will proudly remain impartial to assist you with reliable information to arrive at decisions that best fit your organization. Contact us today! >


Retrofitting Spring Coiling Equipment

Our long history in the Spring industry, along with modular, vendor-agnostic, standards-based, client-focused practices, and in-depth expertise in the most intricate details of spring coiling design, implementation and lifecycle support, makes us excellent partners when looking to upgrade existing equipment.


Retrofit Spring Coiler Features and Strengths:

Our Spring Coiler Retrofit System was developed with expertise accrued during more than 25 years of experience designing, implementing and supporting Torin and Fenn spring coilers. We designed the first generation of Z Series coilers at BHS-Torin, where we envisioned a revolutionary concept for the industry at the time: an extensive operational lifecycle where all servicing needs would be met in the field with ease.

This exceptional modular design retained only one major dependency - the motion controller. All other components are field-replaceable, often compatible with various other similar components that are proven to deliver 100% functionality when OEM replacements are no longer available.

Our competing OEMs in the Spring Industry, to this day, choose not to adopt similar practices, instead offering complete control system solutions for designing their control systems utilizing proprietary hardware systems that communicate with closed-source protocols such as Siemens and B&R. for opting for proprietary, secretive and often component-irreplaceable designs where your operational cost to maintain these machines, exponentially rises over time as they become obsolete and 1-to-1 replacement component availability becomes scarce.to create a complete system solution for machines and equipment.

The Hidden Costs in Competing Solutions:

Siemens, B&R, Fanuc, among others, continue to operate on the antiquated model where they believe additional revenue will be generated by forcing clients to only use their hardware. One of the most egregious practices consists of designing motors and drives that can only interface directly with their highly-integrated controllers that, on a non-negotiable basis, require specific firmware in order to operate. Consequently, multiple major components inevitably require simultaneous replacement once one of the links in the proprietary chain becomes either unavailable or no longer compatible with its older counterparts.

Proprietary single-vendor lock costs extend further than the hardware at hand. The control software commanding the drives and motors, often requires licensing in order to unlock the very features on the drive and motor firmware that allow optimal production speeds, precision and reduced mechanical wear. This licensing is specific to a range of firmware versions, which over time, will inevitably become unavailable in newer replacement components, thus requiring additional licensing.

Finally, adding insult to injury, substantial risk exists that, the new firmware requiring new licensing and loaded with new features, may not be backwards compatible with the mature control software that has been running the equipment for years. Legacy platforms availability, the rarity of skillset required and often non-existence of original source code, together cause a cost-prohibitive scenario where the equipment must be retired and replaced. This was before our retrofit solution.

Our Solution: Modular Spring Coiler Retrofit System


The latest generation of our Spring Coiler Retrofit System lives up to our design principles and is aligned with our culture where we are focused on meeting our clients’ needs.

Modular, standards-based, flexible and field-serviceable, are some of the key characteristics of our field-proven, mature and cost effective retrofit system. We support partial and complete retrofit implementations.  No one else offers these partial retrofits because no one else understands the software and hardware at the level required to do so. We do. We understand their equipment better than they do...because we designed it!


•    Partial system retrofits available without minimum requirements
•    We support the replacement of drives (amplifiers) while keeping existing motors
•    Our retrofit system’s drives (amplifiers) are backwards compatible with existing motors AND forwards compatible with new motors – keep the replacement drive and use with new motor once existing motor fails
•    We support emergency repair retrofits to keep your existing spring coiler investment in production
•    We support and encourage proactive continuity planning where we will work with you to progressively retrofit your equipment in planned intervals, meeting both continuity and budgetary constraints while keeping equipment from experiencing unplanned production outages
•    Drives (amplifiers) successfully replace obsolete units on CNC and Z Series coilers - seamlessly operate existing motors on CNC and Z series coilers with 100% performance while surpassing reliability of legacy counterparts nearing EOL
•    Keeping old motors today does not affect compatibility with new motors tomorrow – just call us when you are ready and we will ensure your partial retrofit becomes a full retrofit with minimal overhead
•    Capex and Unplanned Opex Budget Friendly – We support the replacement of one or more drives at a time and do not require that all drives be replaced at once. Quickly return your coiler investment to revenue producing status, while we proactively work with you to implement a budget-friendly and time-conscious maintenance plan that will ensure the remaining components near end-of-life are adequately retrofitted prior to production outages
•    Motion controller replacements available
•    Control computer upgrades and replacements available
•    Display upgrades or drop-in replacements
•    SMCC , PMAC and full card cage replacements available
•    Partial retrofit and emergency service repair components are forwards compatible. Should a full retrofit be desirable in the future, these components will not have to be re-purchased
Replace one drive, 5 motors or perform a full retrofit – our level of attention to your spring coiling production needs is unconditional and we look forward to ensuring your equipment remains in service with unmatched output performance, renewed reliability and best-in-class overall value. Call us today to find out how we can meet your challenges.

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New Spring Coiler Equipment

We have exciting plans in our development road-map, including the design of an original spring coiler series. Click here to contact us and receive future updates as details become available and we work through the exciting array of unmet industry needs, and how our solution plans to meet them.

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